Meet the Team

Meet our premier dental team who make Ironside Advanced Dental the comfortable, effective and dedicated practice it is today

Our elite team are happy to help you gain total oral health, and are committed to providing some of the most advanced, state-of-the-art and revolutionary dental treatments to date for optimal results. With a strong emphasis on taking a holistic approach to your oral health, Dr Jim Ironside and the team at Ironside Advanced Dental truly have your best interests in mind. Our team looks forward to helping you gain a beautiful, functional and healthy mouth that you can enjoy for the long-term.
Meet our dedicated, compassionate and elite team who spearhead Ironside Advanced Dental and have made it one of the most progressive dental practices in Sydney!

Dr Jim Ironside – Prosthodontist

Jim graduated B.D.S University of Adelaide in May 1978, received his M.D.S. in Prosthodontics 1989 and received his PhD in Dental Ceramics/Fracture Mechanics in 2001. He has conducted over 30 Graduate Courses relating to the use of Ceramics, Composite Resins and Clinical Photography. Over the years Jim has lectured at both the University of Sydney and the University of Adelaide as well as speaking at numerous international events. Jim and Kathy have been married for over 40 years and have three children, Joanne, Sara and Christopher. His hobbies include photography, wood and metal work, bush walking, and abseiling, outback adventuring and gardening.

Kylie – Dental Hygienist

Kylie graduated as a hygienist in Melbourne in 1990. She continued working in the Air Force until 1995, allowing her to work in most states of Australia with a variety of dental specialists, gaining experience and knowledge which she employs today in her role in preventive dentistry. Kylie joined our practice when she arrived in Sydney in 1999 and remains pro-active with ongoing education.

Reception and Dental Assistant Staff

There are decades of experience amongst our dedicated dental assistants and reception staff. Our receptionists aim to provide you with a comfortable and convenient experience by coordinating appointments, referrals and health fund rebates. Our dental assistants work behind the scenes to ensure the highest standards of sterilising and infection control are met as outlined by Standards Australia International – Global, and are also trained in unique procedures for assisting our elite prosthodontist for optimal results for all our patients.