Did you know that brushing your teeth any less than twice daily could put you at risk of needing reconstructive dental procedures in the future? Poor oral hygiene can contribute to an increase in levels of tooth decay and cavities among children and adults. This directly correlates to the need for fillings and often times

Why you should visit your dentist if you want to whiten your teeth

Did you know dentophobia or fear of the dentists ranks among the most common fears the world over. Based on this fear many choose not to see a dental professional regularly, leading to untreated dental issues with major consequences. Ironside Advanced Dental cater to the comfort, oral health and cosmetic dental needs of our patients

Healthy, strong teeth are important; they allow us to eat food comfortably, contribute to normal speech and are linked to good general health. When faced with a hard to open bottle, stubborn clothes tag or a well-sealed packet of chips, our teeth become a replacement for scissors and bottle openers. These actions are the leading

Losing permanent teeth is a huge fear for most people and can cause anxiety around dental visits. However, even in advanced age it is possible to maintain strong healthy teeth with the help of your leading Sydney prosthodontist, Dr Ironside. Ironside Advanced Dental offers advanced care, repair and replacement for missing teeth. Dr Ironside has

Are you looking for the quickest, most healthy way to achieve a brighter and whiter smile? Zoom Teeth Whitening can help! | Dr Jim Ironside Sydney

Are you looking for the quickest, most healthy way to achieve a brighter and whiter smile? Zoom Teeth Whitening can help! Over the years, we’ve seen a huge growth in online and over-the-counter teeth whitening products. New health trends come and go, and at the moment everyone is trying anything and everything to get those

Losing a tooth or undergoing an extraction can result in some major changes to your eating habits, speech and facial expressions. Beyond lifestyle changes, there are also some physical changes which take place in your mouth as a result. Your remaining teeth may begin to migrate and redistribute dental pressure in an attempt to cover

Sleep Apnea | Sleep Deprivation | Dr Jim Ironside

Research proves bite correction can relieve sleep apnoea, improving your health and quality of life. Sleep is an essential function of the human body. However, thousands of people suffer from a lack of sleep for various reasons. This can cause serious health concerns as well as a considerable depreciation in their quality of life. One

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A good-looking smile doesn’t always mean a healthy smile Getting older can often mean the deterioration of your oral health and whilst people often look for a cosmetic fix, not enough people consider the overall health of their new teeth. Aside from the obvious limitations associated with poor oral health such as pain and reduced


Worried about the failure rate of dental implants? Ironside Advanced Dental explain what can go wrong, and how to give yourself the best chance of a successful procedure. Dental implants are an excellent treatment solution for a missing tooth. A dental implant is an artificial root for a replacement tooth which is surgically implanted into

Can Veneers Replace Missing Teeth?

Ironside Advanced Dental explain the reason why veneers can’t replace a missing tooth Missing a tooth? Not sure what to do about it? These days, the internet is flooded with blogs and articles about treatments for missing teeth. With so much information from so many different sources, it’s easy to become confused about what is