A Beautiful White Smile Is An Asset That Everyone Desires

Most people do not realise that their smiles are predominantly the first thing that a new person and close friends for that matter notice about them. Your smile says a lot about you when you first meet someone, and nobody wants it to be a bad first impression, they want it to make a bold statement, a positive sense, a marketing tool of who they are, and with some people this simply just can’t be done because of the way their teeth look.

Discolouring of the teeth can be caused by eating sugary foods, drinking sweet drinks, smoking, or just a general lack of hygiene when it comes to brushing and cleaning their teeth. All or even just one of these factors can leave your teeth looking tired and worn, and does not look pleasing for other people to see; now this can all be rectified through the process of teeth whitening.

Teeth whitening can either be a process undertaken in the dental practice or in the comfort of your own home, whichever you prefer you will be pleased with the final results. In surgery whitening is where you have a gel like solution placed onto your teeth and a light reacts with the gel to whiten your teeth, this process is repeated 3 times every 20 minutes, so you can see the results in just over an hour.

At home teeth whitening are where custom trays are mapped out of your mouth structure and made at a lab. You will then have to place a solution into the trays at night, which you will wear for a time period set by your dentist, and you will start to see the effects working gradually over this period of time.

A beautiful vibrant smile is an asset that everyone desires, so at your next dental appointment, why not ask how bright and white your smile could be.