How prosthodontists can help you achieve the perfect smile

Prosthodontics is the practice of dentists who specialize in implant, aesthetic and reconstructive procedures through the use of methods and materials which are biocompatible with your mouths structure and function.
The culture of modern cosmetic dentistry falls within the category of prothodontics. A specialist prosthodontist dentist possesses not only the attributes associated with standard cosmetic dentistry practice but also the ability to provide specialist treatment for your ultimate smile makeover.
Your smile speaks volumes about your personality, character and sense of happiness as well as being one of the single biggest factors in what is considered an attractive face.
In order to possess the confidence needed to project that winning smile it is vital that we feel happy about the way our teeth look and feel, so that we can laugh, smile and ultimately radiate the positive image that we want.
For all of your cosmetic dental needs, your smile makeover dentist can equip you with the perfect set of teeth you want.
Whether you have misaligned teeth that need straightening or would simply like to improve the whiteness and brightness of your smile, options exist for your complete smile makeover to leave you with the results you want for the health and vitality you need to shine.
Teeth whitening is a process that many people attempt to perform with readily available products from their local chemist but the results are often disappointing, short-term and ineffective. With the successful application of prosthodontic treatments offering longer lasting, deep penetrating methods for a more satisfactory result, you can rest assured that your optimum smile can be achieved swiftly and in maximum comfort by your cosmetic dentist.
Tooth restoration is also a process which can be achieved through a number of prosthodontal methods including the implementation of porcelain veneers, crowns or dental implants effectively recreating and enhancing your original smile for maximum impact and minimum inconvenience.
Dr Jim Ironside is a dentist based in Sydney with a special interest in prosthodontics. For more information please visit