Looking to Regain a Beautiful Smile?

Have you been living your life always dreaming what a perfect smile would look like? Have you chipped a tooth as a younger child and had to deal with the unpleasing aesthetic nature of this. Now with advancements in dentistry, you can combat these problems with porcelain dentistry, crowns and bridges.

These are all major advancements in restorative dentistry; your dentist understands that it can be embarrassing with gaps and broken teeth. All of these treatments go a long way towards repairing your smile and making you feel confident showing off your teeth again.

Porcelain veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that is placed over the problem tooth. The tooth can be affected by discolouration, chips or cracks. They are used not only to strengthen the tooth but also to restore the natural look of what your tooth once was, and regain the pleasing aesthetic nature of what you tooth should look like.

Crowns are more commonly used just to restore the strength and structure of a damaged or broken tooth. Crowns can take up to 3 treatments to fully correct but can last for up 10 years to a lifetime depending on how well it is maintained. Crowns are carefully constructed and designed so that they suit the rest of your teeth and also have a good functionality about them.

Bridges can be used if there are multiple gaps in your teeth but there are healthy and strong teeth in between, and bridges can fill in these gaps while using the good tooth as an anchor for the bridgework to sit upon. This procedure usually takes from two to three appointments to complete and is very similar to having a crown placed on a tooth.