Reinstate The Function Of Your Mouth With Dental Implants

The ability to eat the foods we enjoy most as well as speaking, smiling and laughing without restriction is something that most of us take for granted.

For many people, as the move through life and into more mature age, the ability to function normally and maintain a normal sense of pride is greatly inhibited by the loss of one or more of their teeth.

Dental Implants are a permanent, natural looking solution, regarded as one of the most advanced methods in restorative dentistry used to replace missing teeth. They offer a durable, effective and natural solution natural-looking and significantly increase stability within the mouth, enhancing biting pressure, reducing sores and increasing confidence. Dental Implants surgery provides a permanent solution that can recapture the aesthetic and functional nature of your smile.

Through the specialist treatment, offered by your modern Prosthodontist, you can now receive help through dental tooth implants procedures, which can effectively reinstate the functionality of your mouth, so that you need not miss out on the things that you have come to love most in your life – like food and drink that can prove hard to consume without full tooth function.

Areas left exposed by tooth loss are inevitably more prone to trauma, pain and infection, but the loss of support to the remaining teeth and gums can be equally damaging.

As the absent tooth serves as a stabilising force for its surrounding counterparts, once it is removed that strength is removed and, over time, a gradual shift and weakening in the overall structure of the mouth occurs. The knock on effect of this can be a loss of support to the facial muscles and the gradual sagging of features.

Made from a combination of biocompatible materials, dental implants combine the strength of a titanium ‘anchor’ which is attached to the underlying jawbone. In comparison to alternative treatments, such as removable dentures and provides a much more natural and durable substitution and can be implemented as full dental implants or in conjunction with other treatments.

The end result is the effective and permanent dental restoration of your natural teeth and an increased ability to embrace life with confidence in your happy and healthy smile.