What Does Your Smile Say About You?

The proportion and overall look of your teeth can speak volumes about your personality!

There are four main types of smiles that can be distinguished by the way the teeth look, including their shape, size and form. You are constantly assessing other people’s smiles without even realising it, and that means others are assessing yours too – so what exactly is your smile saying about you?

Visagism is a theory that brings the archetypal symbols from art and blends this with elements of the face, including your smile. This theory is used worldwide and even unconsciously by the brain in order to determine the nature of the people we meet.

In order to paint a clearer picture, we have created a visual representation of the four main types of smiles and what each is perceived as. It is important to understand your smile, so you can better understand how others see you! The four significant types of smiles include the following:

  1. Melancholic/Sensitive: This type of smile usually works in tandem with close-set eyes and an oval face, this person is characterised by gentleness and a capacity for abstract thinking. This smile usually has a rounded appearance (see image) and gives off a timid and reserved ambience.
  2. Sanguine/Dynamic: This smile is usually set with an angular face with slanting lines around the eyes and a wide mouth. This person is characterised as extroverted and communicative, with a smile that has an angled appearance (see image) and exerts an enthusiastic nature.
  3. Choleric/Strong: This smile is rectangular and is set against a face that is defined by vertical and horizontal lines around the forehead and mouth. People with this type of smile are usually characterised by strong leadership and fearlessness.
  4. Phlegmatic/Peaceful: This type of smile usually coincides with a round or square face, and often give off a mystic, gentle vibe.

Leading even further into the appearance of your smile, there are four basic tooth shapes that can give an insight into your personality. These include:

  • Rectangular – vertical straight lines represent strength, power and masculinity
  • Triangular – inclined straight lines express dynamism
  • Oval – curved lines express transition and gentleness
  • Square – horizontal straight lines permeate passivity and tranquillity

Don’t like what your smile says about you?

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