Our Treatments

We believe a smile should exude vitality, happiness and well-being

At Ironside Advanced Dental in Sydney, we offer our patients a full range of high-quality treatments designed to last the distance. This is why we provide you with treatments that exceed your expectations for results you can love every time.

Our centre of dental excellence was established to go above and beyond for our patients, even if they feel their smiles are simply ‘beyond hope’. We believe there is a difference between enhancing a smile and providing a full dental transformation.

Our treatments cover all aspects of dentistry

Whether you want a beautiful, youthful refreshed smile; functional teeth that allow you to eat properly; a general check-up or you are simply worried about your oral health, we are able to help enhance, assess and treat issues that may be impacting your smile. We can use one or a selection of treatments simultaneously to ensure you gain the smile you desire.

Our high-quality dental treatments include:

Dr Ironside is a prosthodontist who has had extensive training

As a prosthodontist, Dr Ironside is one of the few dental professionals who are qualified cosmetic dentists. He is fully qualified to restore and enhance the feel and function of your smile with a holistic approach to dentistry. His comprehensive care means your oral health is built to last, knowing that strong foundations are imperative to establish prior to performing any other treatment. Therefore, he is capable of offering a full range of high-quality dental treatments.

We aim to exceed your expectations

We have the training and knowledge to take a completely holistic approach to your assessment and treatment. We address all areas that need attention that otherwise may have gone unnoticed. Our team can use their expertise, skill and extensive experience to bring unsurpassable care combined with optimal results.

We take the time to understand your needs in detail

Want a whiter smile? Have a persistent toothache? Need us to check your teeth? At Ironside Advanced Dental our difference is we listen to your needs to establish your desires for the best possible treatment plan. We believe everyone deserves a beautiful smile that feels functional and comfortable, and we are able to bring this to our patients by understanding their fundamental needs. You drive your dental process, and we work together with you so you can truly be happy with your results.

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Disclaimer: All surgical procedures carry risk. Before proceeding, you should seek a second opinion from an appropriately qualified health practitioner.