White Fillings

Old, unappealing and unsightly amalgam fillings are now a thing of the past!

Conventional amalgam fillings have been used in dental care for over 100 years, and since there have been many advancements in dental care, techniques and materials that allow us to provide a much more aesthetically pleasing option. We are very excited to be able to provide our patients with white fillings!
The most recent development in fillings:
At Ironside Advanced Dental in Sydney we use the latest composite fillings that are not only safe, but also colour-matched to the exact shade of your tooth enamel, making them virtually invisible! We understand our patients desire an effective, strong and durable solution to tooth decay without compromising their dental aesthetics. This is why we utilise the white filling to ensure the health of and beauty of your smile simultaneously!

What are composite fillings?

Composite fillings are made of a combination of resins and plastic materials that are mixed to match the colour of your teeth, providing a much more aesthetically pleasing result. These fillings are then placed over the site of decay that has been professionally cleaned by Dr Ironside to fill the void and further protect it from future decay.

The filling process is easy and hassle-free

To help you better understand what to expect at your appointment, we have outlined the general steps we will take to utilise our high quality white fillings:

  1. The tooth is prepared by being completely cleaned out of any decay or bacteria
  2. The material is layered over the cavity in order to efficiently fill it
  3. Each layer is set with a special light to provide solid foundations
  4. Once the filling is complete, it is shaped and polished to feel comfortable within the mouth

We will then make sure your new filling feels comfortable and encourage any questions to be asked, which can also be asked prior to treatment. At Ironside Advanced Dental we strongly believe in educating our patients to make well informed decisions so you can benefit from realistic expectations.

Composite fillings are safe

Your health and wellbeing is our number one priority so we only use composite fillings that are free from toxins such as amalgam or mercury. This is why we do not use amalgam fillings at our practice as, while there is debate, it has been speculated that because amalgam contains mercury, it is possible for this mercury to disperse in the mouth when chewing. Mercury can also expand and contract in response to temperature changes in the mouth, which has been known to crack the teeth!