General Dentistry

Our general dental treatments are designed to ensure your total oral health throughout all stages of life

General dentistry is vital for anyone suffering from dental problems to resolve their condition and to regain their dental health and overall wellbeing. If issues go untreated more serious problems can arise requiring more complex treatments in the future, which means general dentistry could very well save you time, pain and money in the long run!
Our high-quality dental treatments are designed specifically to enhance the health of your smile and prevent other issues from occurring.

What is general dentistry?

General dentistry encapsulates the essence of dental care; it’s the branch of dentistry that focuses on prevention, identification of issues and regular check-ups. General dental care is vital for helping our patients achieve and retain total oral health, as it includes all fundamentals of dentistry.
We make it our mission at Ironside Advanced Dental in Sydney to provide each and every one of our patients with excellent dental care so you can gain and maintain ultimate dental health for life. We place emphasis on helping our patients retain their natural smile as nothing comes close to the function and health of our natural teeth!

Our comprehensive range of general dental treatments

Our dental treatments are each designed to diagnose, prevent or treat a specific issue in the mouth, and at Ironside Advanced Dental we strive to provide the highest quality treatments possible:


How can general dentistry help me?

At Ironside Advanced Dental we use the nature of general dental care to identify issues within the mouth and treat them as quickly and efficiently as possible. By coming in for a general dental check-up, you allow us to expertly assess the condition of your oral health and diagnose any issues – big or small. From this stage we are then able to recommend appropriate treatment to give you the best possible results.

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Our elite team are dedicated to helping you gain the care you need combined with the highest level of treatments. Dr Jim Ironside is a prosthodontist who has undergone extra training to be able to look at the mouth as a whole entity and treat issues not only as they arise, but before they become severe!
Contact us today to discover more about our premier general dental treatments offered at our Sydney CBD dental practice.